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      The official micro channel scanning two-dimensional code

      溫州市康發包裝材料有限公司,位于中國印刷城----龍港市。公司成立于2005年,是一家專業生產環保型預涂膜、激光鐳射膜、彩色鍍鋁預涂膜、觸感預涂膜、防刮預涂膜、閃點磨砂預涂膜。本公司引進先進的預涂膜生產線及激光膜模壓設備,在2018年引進國外先進防刮膜生產設備。并高薪聘請國外專家做技術指導,擁有一批高素質的專業技術人員和管理團隊,為客戶提供優質的產品。公司已通過ISO 9001:2008質量管理體系認證,產品通過SGS檢測認證。我司產品廣受用戶好評,產品遠銷東南亞、南非、中東、歐美、非洲等多個國家和地區。

             Wenzhoushi Kangfa packing material Co.,Ltd, located in China Printing City -Longgang city  The company was founded in 2005. We has been engaged in the business of thermal lamination film , laser film,PET colour metallized Thermal lamination film,Soft touch thermal lamination film ,Anti scratch matt thermal lamination film and Frosted gillter thermal lamination film .Our company has introduced advanced machine and techologies,and also introduced advanced anti-scratch machines in 2018.  At the same time, we have hired foreign experts do the technical guidance. With high-quality professionals and management team, we always provide quality products to our customers. Our company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification and SGS. Products are widely praised by customers, which are exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Africa, etc.

               Now our company research the new products and improve processes to promote healthy development . Excelsior service domestic and foreign printing laminating industry. Welcome friends from all over world to our company,seeking common development and creating brilliance.

      溫州市康發包裝材料有限公司 網站首頁 ,溫州市康發包裝材料有限公司,包裝材料



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